Small Animal Vaccination (dog, cat & rabbits)

2016 vaccination protocols for Dogs, Cats & Rabbits

New vaccine guidelines released by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) in 2015 now state that puppies and kittens require a final core vaccination at 16 weeks of age or older. This is due to the ~10% of animals that will not react to the 12-week vaccination due to interference from maternal antibodies.  In addition, cats that are deemed high risk of coming into contact with other cats of unknown health status should be vaccinated annually with the core vaccine.

Dog vaccination


  • Core vaccine (Vanguard +5) starts at 6-8wks of age, with boosters every 2-4wks until 16 weeks or older.
  • Leptospirosis (Leptoguard) starts at 8wks or older with a booster 3-4weeks later.  Recommended for any dogs possibly in contact with rats (note this is a leptospirosis endemic area).
  • Kennel Cough (Bronchisheild III) as a single intra-nasal from the age of 3 weeks for those at risk (kennels, dog shows)

Healthy adults (over 16wks)

  • Core vaccine (Vanguard +5) booster at 6 months to 1 year of age, then every 3 years ongoing
  • Leptospirosis (Leptoguard) vaccinate then booster 3-4wks later for naive animals then annual booster ongoing.
  • Kennel Cough (Bronchisheild III) as an annual intra-nasal for those at risk (kennels, dog shows)

Cat vaccination


  • Core vaccine (Felocell 3) start at 6-8wks of age, with boosters every 2-4wks until 16 weeks or older.

Healthy adults (over 16wks)

  • Core vaccine (Felocell 3) booster at 6mths to 1 year of age then annual booster for at risk cats or 3 yearly for low risk cats
  • FIV vaccine initially 3 doses at 2-4wk intervals starting at 8wks of age then an annual booster.  PLEASE NOTE: Conditions apply before this vaccine can be administered.  See “Feline FIV vaccination” page for more information.

Rabbit vaccination

Healthy rabbits over 12wks of age

  • Calicivirus (Cylap RCD) annual vaccine

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