Small Animal Services

Vet Auckland

We appreciate that your pet is part of your family. We offer the following services to keep this special family member healthy and happy.

Services we offer

Weekdays from 8 – 12, and 2 – 5.
Saturday morning 8-2 at our Warkworth surgery by appointment

Vaccinations and general puppy advice

Spaying and Neutering (including rabbits and other small animals)

General soft tissue surgery

Orthopaedic surgery including cruciate repair, fracture fixation and patella stabilisation

Modern in-house laboratory service for rapid processing of blood samples

Modern, safe anaesthesia. All anaesthetics are closely monitored by a qualified veterinary nurse

Radiography (digital) and ultrasound scanning

Medical work ups and treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease etc

Hospitalisation facilities

Diet and weight loss advice and programmes

Blood pressure measurement


House calls

Animal Surgery

Patient welfare is paramount

We are equipped and experienced enough to cope with most surgical and medical issues. As policy any difficult surgical cases we encounter, we will have 2 vets scrubbing in which we feel will improve the surgical outcomes for the patient.

Should we find ourselves out of our depth or requiring a second opinion, we are a large enough clinic to have back up at hand. We have a good relationship with the veterinary specialists located in Auckland and will not hesitate to refer you and your pet should we feel that this is appropriate.