POTM March2020

“Blue”, a 4 year old huntaway.

Some things in life come down to good timing. That certainly applies to Blue, who chose to develop one of the most life threatening conditions that a dog can develop on the morning that our vet was scheduled to see a lame horse on the same property. The phrase “while you’re here can you…” sends shivers down the spine of most rural vets as it surely means another reason to be late to the next call. When he saw Blue though, he instantly recognised that she was in a bad way. Even without his spectacles perched on his nosetip in an academic manner, he was able to identify that Blue, with a basketball sized and shaped abdomen, had a twisted stomach. Blue was rushed into Warkworth vets in the footwell of the ute, clasped between the knees of an accompanying vet student, whose main task was to prevent the regurgitant, being produced at an alarming rate, to not get on the dashboard. 

Blue underwent immediate surgery. Her stomach was untwisted, stitched in place, and she went on to charm all staff and visitors to the clinic over the next few days. She even developed a small fanclub from the local school who monitored her progress with baited breath.