POTM June2020

Milly, a 16 year old moggie

Some of our patients at Warkworth Vets have no concept of gratitude. They hiss and spit and try their hardest to sink their teeth into the very hand which tries to help them. Some of our patients have vets and nurses alike questioning their very career choice. Milly is one of these such patients. Milly’s Mum always looks dismayed when she sees the “Care, Aggressive” flag displayed in red on the cage door whenever Milly is at our clinic for the day. She can’t understand it, Milly is such a loving pet when she’s at home.

But on a recent winter’s evening, Milly was in a desperate state. She is a diabetic, and as tends to happen with diabetic cats, her dependance on insulin was diminishing which resulted in her becoming suddenly dangerously hypoglycaemic after her most recent insulin injection. Our vet was simultaneously relieved, yet concerned when Milly was pulled from her carry cage in a hypoglycaemic coma. 

A quick ear prick and the diagnosis was confirmed. Milly was immediately administered intravenous glucose. Her eyes rolled back down, her tail flicked and a rumbling growl came from deep within her chest. Milly was back.