Pet of the month

Lucy Lawless

Pet of month for July, Lucy Lawless, a 9 year old cavoodle.

Lucy has been a regular patient of Warkworth Vets, to the extent that she has been afforded additional favours about the surgery. During many of her stays she is allowed to bask in the flow of the heat pump by the ankles of Becky and Carmel at reception. Lucy has had many health issues over the past few years and has been subjected to many surgical and medical procedures which she has always taken in her stride. Most recently she has undergone a bilateral lateral ear canal resection to help alleviate her constant ear infections. This is a procedure which involves cutting away the outer cartilage layer and skin of her ear canal to enable more effective ventilation of the ears. Dogs ears have their own little microclimate which bacteria and yeasts enjoy. A dog such as Lucy with floppy ears is even more appealing to infectious agents as there is no escape for any moisture which may get in the ear canals, resulting in a magnificent environment for bug growth. Lucy’s lateral ear canal resection, along with diligent cleaning has opened her ears right up to enable better ventilation, reduced humidity and fewer infections, a lot like opening the window after a steamy shower.