Alpaca Services

Animal Doctor

Alpacas are an ever expanding component of our practice as more and more small block owners recognise them for their suitability for small blocks.

Services we offer include

General diagnostic services and treatment

Dentistry as needed, including the grinding of maloccluded incisors

Castration of males (done under general anaesthesia)

Foot trimming

Routine assistance with vaccinations, ADE and drench administration

Soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery

Wound management

Lameness assessment

Blood transfusion

Assistance with birthing, caesarians as needed

Alpaca Castration

A growing population

Alpacas are good grazers, don’t pug up the ground like cattle, and are nice animals to be around. Our skills in this field are ever expanding to keep pace with the growing population.

We often get alpacas brought into our clinic if they are halter trained. This is particularly useful for radiography or surgical cases.